In the Beginning, There was the A Train


The best thing about relocating to New York is that I already have a built in network and he goes by the title of brother. Gylan has lived in New York City for three years now and who better to serve as my personal guide. Just two days after touching down, I jumped on the A train and took advantage of my new favorite APP, the New York City subway guide. After just a few stops, I experienced train performers and naively tipped (only after following the lead of fellow passengers). It may sound terribly dramatic, but something warmed my heart about seeing all the people on the train, not knowing their story and them not knowing mine, but knowing we were all in this city for some reason. After meeting up with my brother and grabbing some coffee in Brooklyn Heights, Lena Dunham of  Girls (hit tv show on HBO) strolls by with her dog, whom I  recognized from Instagram (please don’t judge me). I’m obviously convinced that was part of my Welcome to New York package.


We roller skated at Pier 2 with the Brooklyn Bridge in the background, grabbed some Shake Shack and I officially introduced myself to the city. I’ve found the nearest Target, I have loaded up my Metro Pass and as much as I love my hometown of Buffalo,NY, I have to include one of my favorite hashtags, that I am #happytobehere.

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