43.7° N, 79.4° W


In what I hope will be a frequent occurrence, the wind blew me into a few different zip codes during the weekend. First starting off in Buffalo, NY for a wedding and Lil Jon concert, Saturday took me to the above coordinates, Toronto, Ontario. Only located about an hour and a half from Buffalo, NY it was time to celebrate one of my favorite people’s birthday, a close friend just turning 3o. In what is becoming a tradition, we stayed at the Thompson Hotel located on Wellington. Nothing short of glamorous, we enjoyed the roof top pool and all the built in scenery for a social media backdrop frenzy. Drinks are expensive, but the atmosphere is luxurious and worth it. Before we could enjoy $17 a glass wine, we enjoyed our Toronto tradition of street meat.  Cringe if you like, but this is a $2 joy ride in a bun!


If the jeopardy question ever arises of how long it takes 4 women to get ready for a night out in one hotel room, the answer is 3 hours. After four Showers, three dresses, two curling wands, one bottle and a pencil skirt later, we were ready and took advantage of the black and white lobby and may or may not have planned the below outfits. The morning only included one thing, a deep breath of air in a pool facing the CNN tower.



The Thompson was a gracious host, but I also had another agenda for Sunday afternoon, which included the backdrop of a full green meadow, family and food. Below are some of the moments I captured around my mother’s house during a walk down to the creek, after a game of kickball and before laughs around the campfire.




When I previously lived out of town in North Carolina, it was really hard to say goodbye to my parents and friends. They have helped shape the person I have become and it was very hard to leave them, but this time was different. I was coming home to city full of possibilities. And while it helps that NYC is much closer to my hometown, it is also much closer to the possibility of all my dreams coming true. Until next time.

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