A Stop and A Story


You will have to bear with me as I continue to deal with my fascination of the variety of people in this glorious city. Nothing will overcome my curiosity of which train stop will take who where. I know this has to stem from a one route train in Buffalo and predictable social schedule of each weekend. But here the trains are spread like a web and the schedules bountiful by borough.

Do you remember my excitement for in train entertainment? That dollar I threw into the cap of an aspiring artist? OVER IT. My most recent encounter of an in flight selection included a drum routine, less than a foot next to me. They obviously didn’t get the memo that I was going for a personal soul searching look through reading a Toni Morrison novel on the train. The train look is important, don’t let anyone tell you different.

Brooklyn seems to be a favorite place of mine lately and although the rent is high, you can find the entertainment for low, even Free! Thursday evenings, an inflatable screen goes up with the backdrop of Manhattan in Brooklyn Bridge Park featuring a flick for all who can find a plot of grass to watch. This past Thursday, the clear skies presented a perfect setting to watch Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds.


There is currently a battle between myself and the universe. The universe being the cold I received from recently swimming at a high altitude, but there is a list of adventures I have yet to tackle in this city and it must be done. After an unsuccessful attempt to tackle a flea market, the day turned successful with some moments by the water, Mexican food (When is that ever a bad idea?), some street art and a quick jaunt at the Afro Punk fest.




When Gylan and I are together, a small photo shoot is bound to erupt. I can tell you for a fact that my reasoning stems no where from a place of self indulgence, but merely from a strong desire to take as many happy moments as possible and freeze them in time. I have not lived in the same city as my brother for at least four years, so you will have to excuse the gallery of Super Siblings , a self given name, now and probably forever.

DSC_0101  DSC_0147

I don’t know if this will one day be classified as a lengthy post, but I can’t finish this without one more picture and one more thought. A wall under a bridge displayed one simple word, yes! I have to believe that there is a power in this word because saying yes to myself means saying yes to every high and low experience that is shaping this story of mine, but more importantly accepting it. So, I am saying yes to whatever this city has in store for me and yes to any story that may come from the stops I choose to get off at. Until next time.


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  1. Lacey, I am living vicariously through your blog and pics. I realize that my exploration of NYC behind the driver’s seat just isn’t enough, I need to put my feet to the ground and do exactly what you are doing. I look forward to each post. Have fun lady!!!


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