Bodega Bouquet


“The true secret of happiness lies in taking a genuine interest in all the details of daily life” – William Morris

New York City is a place overflowing with details, easy to pass by, but even easier to indulge in. On the best corners in the city, a sign will greet you reading “Two Dozen Roses, $10.” Last Friday, I took a moment to confirm the price and make the easiest decision of the day, which color I would let illuminate my studio apartment. The best part of this bouquet isn’t the price, but what it represents. It’s the joy in getting more for less and I know I am getting more from this city and its menu full of details.


It would be safe to say that I am not a Sports fanatic, but how could I conquer a NYC bucket list without heading to Yankees Stadium? The baseball gods provided perfect weather on Friday night for me to witness one of Derek Jeter’s last games from left field (Thank Goodness all the t-shirts in Sports Authority hinted toward the end of his era to let me know). Cracker Jacks, Beer, a hometown friend and an active 6 year old kept me entertained for about five innings and although I had a great run on a softball team this past summer, baseball may never have a true place in my heart. Sorry New York.


The thing I won’t be apologizing for in this post in my love for the undefeated Buffalo Bills. If you know anything about The Bills, you know I have to take advantage of saying undefeated for as long as possible. I had a date with the team this past Sunday in a bar in Midtown West and watched them play to victory, of course accompanied by some Labatt Blue. Both a brew that is a Buffalo favorite and helps to keep my lights on. Enter Foreshadowing.  A local resident provided some fried bologna sandwiches and Gylan provided help with the bar tab.


I have probably stopped at least five times in this past week to admire my surroundings. I almost have to pinch myself sometimes that I am in this new city, but this is real life and it won’t always be perfect. This is the first week I noticed a few things that I will need to work on getting used to. But beyond the hours in traffic, coughing on a crowded train and constant panhandling, I think I have a shot at making it as a resident. I’ve been giving out directions to inquiring parties (hope you all made it), I have read my first issue of The New York Post and I know how to make the joy from a Bodega Bouquet last for days. Until next time.

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