The Little Things


The best thing by far would have to be all the little things that add up to make this city charming and give me a burst of energy and over the past two weeks a collection of moments have added to this city’s resume of reasons to stay and fall in love. Most of these “things” may be food, but how else will I have the strength to dart the fast paced pedestrians. Walking to the train one night, I looked up to see Grand Central Terminal staring at me under the perfect weather of a sky full of stars. This city has the power of turning buildings into friends, streets into runways and train rides into reasons to dream forever.


Waffles & Dinges makes Belgian waffles with a variety of toppings.  I keep my snacks simple and ordered just syrup out of the food truck, but I may mix it up at my planned next visit to the kiosk nestled on 6th and 35th.


And then you turn the corner and there is a market full of fresh fruits and vegetables, ripe and ready. I have found the only spot to purchase produce and the aroma and colors of the location screams fresh. Thank You Astoria.


Mini cupcakes Baked by Melissa are spread throughout the city and while the note may suggest cupcakes are for sharing, these Red Velvet, Tie Dye, Chocolate Carmel and Triple Chocolate cupcakes were not shared.


Every culture of food is represented in NYC and a breakfast sandwich may not be anything to write home about (or blog about), but a Cuban restaurant on 1st avenue makes it like no other and it was nicely, no perfectly complimented by a Cafe con Leche.


It only took me two months, but there it was, the infamous blue Greek cup featured on so many episodes of Law & Order that I had been trying to enjoy some coffee out of or actually any liquid, as long as it was in this cup. The cup officially called Anthora was designed in 1963 to appeal to Greek coffee shops. The original design features “We are Happy to Serve You” in Greek design font and the colors are those of the Greek flag. The cup is synonymous with NYC for me and thats why I am officially upgrading myself to a new status of “New Yorker.” Until next time.

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