Chelsea Charm


New York City has this subtle way of introducing you to new parts of herself and they seem to be placed perfectly in your path, like a freshly found love note or an unexpected text with a sincere note of affection. The different parts of New York City are things you are never looking for, but after you will realize it is something you are always going to need.


After a disappointing loss by my hometown football team, my dad was in town and I wanted to give him a a chance to fall in love with a NYC sunset. The High Line Park, located on the West side of Manhattan, is an elevated park beginning in the Meat Packing district and former home to a railroad track. Prior to being a city resident and only being able to be labeled as a visitor, I always tried to make it in this direction. There is something majestic about this park, a botanical garden surrounded by the concrete and glass, that makes up most of NYC. We circled around for parking, but found a spot just in time to see what could only be described with an exhale.

FullSizeRender copy

I picked up a piece of street photography before a High Line exit and with a thirst for something more to do, the Chelsea Market welcomed us with open arms.


It will take several visits to fully conquer the Artist & Fleas Chelsea Market. After putting a cap on my excitiment for this discovery, we began to explore and found vintage clothing, organic beauty products, stationary and a handmade jewelry stand by the name of Brooklyn Charm. The time seemed appropriate to support a local vendor and I invested in a small bracelet with my blog name hand stamped on the blank plate.


Beyond the flea market, there are restaurants, bakeries and other stores in the market including Lobster Place with every piece of fresh seafood you could possibly think of. There is a cup of Lobster Bisque with my name on it and I would be doing myself an injustice if I didn’t return soon.

FullSizeRender-2 FullSizeRender copy 2

FullSizeRender-2 copy

Who the hell knows how long this blog or my NYC adventures will last, but my new piece of jewelry will be a nice reminder to take advantage of every opportunity this city has to offer, fall in love with as many NYC sunsets as possible and stumble upon new things that I never knew about, but am always going to need. Until next time.

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