Brooklyn Bowl


Slowly, but surely I am turning into my mother or just possibly getting reaffirmation that I am a product of her womb. I would best describe her either as Google or CNN since she is full of information and always has breaking news. She either cuts out articles for my brother and I, emails YouTube links or saves show clips for us to watch while we are in town and has notes written on a small piece of paper so we can have reference material for later, mostly of NYC treasures she suggest we try. So on a lazy Saturday morning I caught an episode of Weekend Fix on Bravo and they happened to be in Brooklyn, which gave me a few things to add to my “Conquer New York City” list. I took notes, contacted my partner in crime and we made plans to reserve a lane at Brooklyn Bowl. Daughter see, Daughter do.

Located on Wythe street, Brooklyn Bowl is nestled next door to Brooklyn Brewery and surrounded by an abundance of street art. The wait ended up being shorter than anticipated, but that provided a window to grab a early dinner and the fried chicken did not disappoint. Note to my mother, my #1 blog fan, this fried chicken is not better than yours, I know you will ask. It would have been rude to not try the featured Winter Ale from Brooklyn Brewery, it being less than 50 feet away and it turned out to be a nice reminder of my love for the local brewery.


Our lane was ready and the venue revealed a fun atmosphere with leather seating, a stage which hosts live acts, large screen televisions for dual entertainment and 16 lanes of pin possibilities.  This post will not be featuring the scores of the two games we played or more so that I attempted to play, but fun was had by all and I helped participate in quality control to make sure that the gutter lanes do in fact still work on Lane 15.



I had one last must do for our Sunday agenda and that was to see the buzzed about plexi glass installation by Tom Fruin located near the Brooklyn Bridge. Night time turned out to be the perfect time of day to see the art piece lit up against the backdrop of Manhattan and in true Lacey fashion, known to be slightly dramatic in some crowds, I took the moment to appreciate another reason to fall in love with New York City.

IMG_1989 FullSizeRender-4

My weekend also included a mix of kale, apple, carrot and wheatgrass from Grassroots Juicery on Graham street in Brooklyn, two early morning jogging sessions on and along the Brooklyn Bridge (jogging being more of a mindset than continuos physical act) and a quick jaunt on some swings. But the best lesson of the weekend would have to be, if you wake up early enough you can indeed have New York City all to yourself. Until next time.

IMG_1874 IMG_1910

3 Comments on “Brooklyn Bowl”

  1. Hey, great blog post, but why did you not include any pictures of your brother? We have all been dieing to see more pics of him!!


    • Only Gylan would post a comment about HIS lack of exposure!! Perhaps you should start your OWN blog!!
      #its my world your just in it : )


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