The City to Save Christmas


There was a point around the end of November, when I was feeling a bit like the Grinch. Solely because I once again would have to go through the routine of figuring out a list of gifts to disperse at the end of the upcoming month, a routine that has been haunting me for years now. I had lost my holiday spirit. After a particular rant to a friend about gift shopping,  I realized I was in desperate need for some more joy and cheer and something reminiscent of childhood christmas adventures.

On a typical train ride along the A line, I decided to start my day at Columbus Circle and once I hit the top of the stairs, there it was, the beginning of Operation Save Christmas. Santa Claus himself was not waiting for me at the top of the stairs in a shiny red sleigh with his reindeer ready to take me to the North Pole to help me believe again. (#christmaswish) It was however, a quaint holiday market nestled in Columbus Circle with Christmas music playing low, local food vendors and a plethora of homemade gift possibilities. It was just enough to kickstart what has become a string of reasons to believe again. Every day since, there have been decorations and the smell of fresh Christmas trees on the busy streets of Manhattan, even a few in Queens, specifically a one eyed Santa hanging near a Starbucks by his neck to inspire the countdown to Christmas.


DSC_0060 DSC_0087

If there is anywhere to make you feel like a child again, and eager to write a letter to the man of the season it starts at the infamous Rockefeller Center and spreads out like a web. I avoided Rockefeller Center for the first week after the tree lighting specifically to experience the moment with my brother, which makes sense since I share 23 years of Christmas memories with him. So I stuck to 6th Avenue and overdosed on 15 feet tall Nutcrackers, larger than life Christmas ornaments, lit up reindeers and department store windows.

DSC_0029 Lacey Tree Up

On the Sunday that my brother Gylan and I chose to see the Norway Spruce at 30 Rockefeller center, he jokingly asked if i had googled tourist trap. We did have to share all 45,000 LED lights with about a thousand other people and a marriage proposal on the ice, but the 85 feet tall Christmas wonder had enough cheer to go around and Xmas had found its way home to me.


 The books have closed on my first quarter in New York City and things are ending in the Red, but not in the disastrous, have to sell off stock options sense. The city is known for being expensive, fast paced and demanding, but all that is requested from you, will be given back tenfold. For the low price of my imagination, the streets of New York opened up the floodgate of childhood memories with it’s Christmas Splendor and the main reason is because this city tries. New York puts in the effort that we all want from anything we involve ourselves in. The right amount of light and love that can sweep you off your feet. Happy Holidays to All! Until next time.

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