Once a year the beer stars align and the temperature drops and it is once again time for Magic Hat Brewing to celebrate their version of Mardi Gras in Burlington, VT. My sophomore year at the event prepared me for the festivities and the cold and as the grapefruit IPA was flowing, Nikki, my unofficially official travel buddy and I sought after the best of what Burlington had to offer.


There was a one “must do” on my Burlington list. Scratch that two things, however, the ice cream empire closed an hour before the internet told me it did, so back to one thing. A visit to the Artifactory, the quirky name for the Magic Hat Brewery, hosts a Saturday morning breakfast and VIP tour.  The “Kegs and Eggs” event is much needed after a night of anticipated drinking. I indulged in a Coffee IPA, but more importantly had a breakfast sandwich with a hash brown on it and it may have taken about five minutes for me to recover as I pondered why this was the first time I was having this cuisine sensation.  Beyond the recovery food, the warehouse was full of cases, fermentation tanks fulls of beer and home to a Warehouse Manager with a fantastic head of hair.

DSC_0047 FullSizeRender

Due to a previous engagement with shots, Nikki and I needed a little midday nap, but had the energy to discover ice pockets and mountain scenery on a frozen Lake Champlain before we headed in town for a milder round two.

DSC_0069 IMG_4067




Leaving the city limits is always a treat and to be able to couple beer and Burlington with friends and scenery is beyond a treat. My blog has a title saluting the city I moved to, but it will always stand for something more. No matter the coordinates, I plan on tackling each city with friends I love, an aptitude for adventure and for weekends like these, with plenty of Advil. Until next time.


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