Girls Weekend


Most of my time in New York City has not been quite as glamorous as one may hope since I have to show up to this thing called a job, but every once in awhile an opportunity arises and there is a reason to dress up and maybe even dress up two nights in a row. One of my dearest friends and former Brooklynite Danielle came in to town and we infused ourselves with scenery, brunch and overpriced drinks.

We had reasons to celebrate so before jumping on the A, so we popped a cork of blush champagne as we got ready for a trip downtown. The internet is a great source for discovering new places and a former NYC resident is a great source for revisiting old ones. We mixed the night up with both, first stopping at La Esquina for margaritas and more than satisfying authentic Mexican food. We began with Queso Funido with Queso Chihuahua, Pumpkin Seeds, Chile De Arbol and Plaintain Chips and I ended with a devine Pork Shoulder over Hominy. The restaurant also has a walk up Taqueria for tacos on the go, a mental note for the Summer.

IMG_4180 IMG_4189


We walked a freezing block to the “new” portion of the evening, Gold Bar on Broome St, which I had spotted on a blog about best bars in NYC. The decor does not disappoint and neither did the bartender who made our Ginger drinks. If you are indeed “the” bartender reading this, don’t worry, I will come back for you. And if you are the bouncer of the bar, I may come back for you too, thought still pending.

 FullSizeRender(4)  IMG_4238

Saturday turned out to be a day of more calories and alcohol, which worked in our favor. My first ride on the G train brought us to SoCo in Brooklyn for brunch. A Buffalo born hostess sat us for unlimited mimosas and the decision of our main entree turned out to be one of the best of 2015 so far. The Red Velvet waffles were full of dense bites and the chicken complimented the meal well since the restaurant housed Frank’s Red Hot Sauce, a Buffalo native favorite.


More scenery in Brooklyn and a random wave into a barbershop spoke for the rest of our afternoon. We made a pit stop in Queens for rest before a night full of Latin music in Times square and my first food cart Chicken plate at four am in the morning, a risk I was willing to take only with Danielle.

 IMG_4274 FullSizeRender(1)

I usually don’t adventure out past a certain time, mostly due to the train going local after ten. The fun just isn’t worth the pain of those additional stops. But as a newbie to this city, I take visits from my friends very seriously, especially this one. Danielle studied at the French Culinary Institute and is my go to girl for all things New York. You can have a list full of events and reservations for days, but life is so much sweeter when you have your best accessory in town. Until next time.

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