Monthly Archives: April 2015

Sunday Stroll

Since I am no exception to the busy demands of  New York and life in general, I promised myself a weekend of laying low, which I insisted would include healthy eating, working out and fresh air. On Sunday morning I took a 30 minute drive to the Brooklyn Bridge and strolled from end to end […]

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Brooklyn Art

I would be willing to make a Las Vegas bet that this will be one of many visits to the Brooklyn Museum. The museum always has an exhibit to bring out the inner artist and a policy of any size donation, which welcomes art enthusiasts on any budget. During my previous visit to the Brooklyn […]

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Where the Heart Is

I have officially discovered a way to successfully keep my sanity while living in New York and that is to take breaks and visit home. There will never be enough time to see everyone I love, but the memories we create in my weekend visits will always serve as replenishment. Just a weekend ago, I […]

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