Where the Heart Is


I have officially discovered a way to successfully keep my sanity while living in New York and that is to take breaks and visit home. There will never be enough time to see everyone I love, but the memories we create in my weekend visits will always serve as replenishment.

Just a weekend ago, I was in town for one of my best friend’s 30th birthday, but I first had to get in my Heidi fix. My brother escaped the city that never sleeps with me, but some how managed to sleep most of the drive home, something we will always bicker about and I will always report to my mother. We drove straight to her Holland, NY home and was greeted by a lunch of BBQ Chicken Breast, Tuna Salad and Deviled eggs. We were told before hand to dress warm for an adventure, but not given any more details. An hour later to our surprise we pulled up to The Crosspatch Ranch, and three horses by the name of Luna, Kisses and Kate were waiting for us and a Winter trail ride.


Although I was surprised by the activity itself, I wasn’t surprised by the gesture. She is the definition of thoughtful and I have fortunately inherited her instinct to create smiles and bring a little more warmth to this world.

IMG_5040 IMG_5041

We hit the trail with the scenery of Mountains as our guide and about 15 minutes in, Luna, the horse assigned to Gylan decided to lay on her side and fix a itch. All I remember is my 6’4″ brother going from upright to flat on a bed of snow. It was established there, that this was Luna’s show, not Gylan’s.


We crossed creeks, we shared laughs, but most importantly it was 120 minutes of just us, a nice reminder of memories from our childhood and time with the person that helped to shape the NYC residents that we are today.

Twenty four hours later, I was dressed in Blue to represent the official induction of my friend Beth into “The 30 Club.” My event planning extraordinaire of a friend, hosted a party at The Foundry on Elmwood Ave in Buffalo, NY. The great thing about Beth is she only surrounds herself with great Family and Friends so the event served as mini reunion and Miss Savannah, Beth’s niece joined me in a Kodak moment.

IMG_4750 FullSizeRender

There will always be a reason, small or large to return home. I have gotten used to the drive and whether my brother is asleep in the passenger side or not, it always give me a opportunity to think of how I can become the star of a Broadway show, fall in love with a Wall Street guru or magically appear in a NYC media campaign entitled ” The Faces of the City.” My imagination runs wild during the six hour drive, but reaching my destination always feels good. I fill up on home cooked meals from my Mother, get campaign quotes on why I should move back from my Dad, invest in a single order of any type of Chicken Wings and most importantly fill up on motivation to conquer this city a borough at a time. The Distances are hard, but the dreams of the lights are worth it and 420 miles has become a easy way to practice my solos. Until next time.

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