Brooklyn Art


I would be willing to make a Las Vegas bet that this will be one of many visits to the Brooklyn Museum. The museum always has an exhibit to bring out the inner artist and a policy of any size donation, which welcomes art enthusiasts on any budget.


During my previous visit to the Brooklyn staple, a painting by Kehinde Wiley caught my eye and I made it a mission to come back to his full exhibit. Only he could describe his work best with this quote: “Painting is the world we live in. Black People live in the world. My choice is to include them. This is my way of saying yes to us.”  Some paintings and sculptures are based off of classic pieces, some original, but either way, gives the onlooker a new opportunity to see a plethora of art in different shades.

 musuem IMG_4931

Once Gylan finalized his DVR recordings via his iPhone, he played his usual role of companion and photographer, a necessary position I am waiting to receive a bill for.


Femme Piquee Par Un Serpenet, pictured above, is Wiley’s take on the 1847 Sculpture by Auguste Clesinger of a woman dying from a poisonous snake.  The original painting has a vulnerable and morbid tone, while Wiley’s exudes confidence and a hint of erotic undertones. The rest of the pieces in the exhibit make a beautiful connection between a classic ideal of art and a missed opportunity to include the faces that often don’t have the pleasure of being included.

IMG_4973 IMG_1994

123 456

The wall size paintings remind me of Versailles in Paris and the laughs with my brother remind me of the reasons I was excited to come to this city. I don’t know of my many sibling duos quite like us, something I will never miss an opportunity to boast. He may always need my charger and give me a look of innocence when the bill comes, but after 25 attemps he eventually gets a blog worthy shot and after nine months of showing me around this town, he is the ultimate definition of I Love NY. Until next time.


4 Comments on “Brooklyn Art”

  1. Great post on the Wiley exhibit. I’m hoping to be able to catch it before it’s over (end of May, right?). I’m also looking forward to the “Rise of Sneaker Culture” exhibition that’s coming this summer. This museum always seems to get such great fashion exhibits!


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