How My Mom Raised Me for New York


In honor of Mother’s day today, it is only appropriate to pay  homage to the incredible human being that I call my mom. It wasn’t until recently that I realized that all that personality and strong will she possess, indeed helped to shape my brother and I to be residents of New York City.

My mother or Heidi Sue as I affectionately sometimes refer to her as, has always been the fun mom. The one immediately incorporating the latest slang, sometimes in better form than myself, the fun mom you wanted at your field trips and the person you never forget to invite to a party.

For as long as I can remember, I have never shared so many laughs with one person. We find joy in many things, sometimes inappropriate, but most importantly we always find the joy. We depended a lot on each other as I grew up. My brother and I watched our mother get up early mornings to provide for us, teaching us life lessons you could never read from a book. That was lesson number one for us, you have to hustle. And when you get a free day, you do a spontaneous day to the beach. Lesson number two, get some fresh air and enjoy yourself.

When it came to school projects or Halloween costumes, my mother was always so creative. The homework that I turned in with the help from my mother was beyond expectations and always had a extra flair. I certainly didn’t mind sitting in a box painted like dice in first grade. Lesson number three, if you are going to do it, then do it big!


My mother worked for years in the nursing industry and had the utmost compassion for her patients. The older generations that she has taken care of adore her and she treats them with genuine sincerity and love. Lesson number four, be compassionate toward people.

The list of lessons could be a novel. I am not sure if I have ever told my mother, but although I am the daughter, I have watched her grow to become one of the most amazing people I know. I don’t know of too many who have overcome obstacles like her, smiled like her or exaggerated stories so much. She once told people that is was the dad from Beethoven running for President, when indeed it was the DA from Law & Order. My response is always “Oh MoM!”

So Thank You Mom! I know how to go for what I want in life, hustle for the trains and the personality and sometimes language to deal with other residents of New York. I am determined to enjoy every last bit of what this city has to offer and to do it with some flair. I strive to be thoughtful and go out of my way to show my love because of you doing the same for me. But most importantly I have compassion for people, especially those close to me, a lesson valuable in any city.


Happy Mother’s day and Happy Birthday (double gifting at its finest) to the woman I admire most, my best friend, the person who will always be there, my biggest supporter and the person who gave me the confidence to move to NYC. I love talking to you for hours about nothing, listening to your long story short, but never actually short stories and receiving emails with links for the best things to do in NYC. I wouldn’t be here with out you, literally (google birds and the bees if you are unsure of what I mean), and you are actually the best give that I’VE ever received. I am proud to be your daughter. Until next time.



4 Comments on “How My Mom Raised Me for New York”

  1. It feels SO good to have someone you love and care about say such amazing things about you! And also to know that the struggles of single parenting were acknowledged and appreciated. I have two amazing kids and i would not have had it any other way! Ok… Maybe Laceys hair was a bit too much….
    And to all young Moms reading this… Its not the money you spend ON your kids… Its the time you spend. Material things will be forgotten. Moments will be remembered.


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