Holiday Weekend


Okay, so I have to admit, after being a child of pop culture, I honestly thought I may see tumbleweed blow across New York City streets during the Memorial Day Weekend. Movies and TV shows would have me believe that everyone leaves for the Hamptons and those without All White party invitations would be left to produce their own entertainment. Turns out, a lot of people stay and my friend Danielle, a former Brooklynite decided to join me. My brother Gylan is my Activities Director so while he hustled down to D.C, I asked him to leave behind suggestions for rooftop bars and Sunday Brunch exclusives and that he did.

IMG_6205 IMG_6214

We started Saturday with a brisk walk around Brooklyn Bridge Park and stumbled upon a water installation before two scoops of Brooklyn Ice Cream, my choice of course Vanilla Chocolate Chunk.


We hoped back on the A and prepared for the first thing on my Summer bucket list, a rooftop bar. Gylan recommended Spy Glass which has a breathtaking view of the Empire State Building. It was lit up for the holiday weekend and served as a perfect background for what would be the debut of my “Why the Hell Not?” big chop hair do on Social Media.  Drinks were expensive, but delightful and they have to charge for the view somehow. The light Saturday breeze categorized the moment as the unofficial beginning of Summer.


A 1 pm reservation on Sunday led us to Char 4 in Brooklyn. We ordered our own meals and split pancakes with Rubar and Sour Cream on top after starting with Beignets. All delicious and a good base for standard Brunch liquids.

IMG_6334 IMG_6339

But why stop there? Two stops into Manhattan and we found ourselves at Hotel Chantelle or what I would like to now declare the “Gem of New York City.” Our original Brunch destination, we had to settle for the bar since reservations were booked, but we would not be disappointed. There lie in Black and White print, two adult beverages on the menu for $0.92. The Strawberry Lime Rickey and Easy Passage continued to make an appearance at our bar stools and even managed to sneak their way into a pitcher. Beyond the drinks, the atmosphere was my perfect ambiance with a Parisian theme, live music and friendly company. I can’t finish this post without mentioning all the random snap chats that Danielle and I sent to our Friends and family during those pocket saving drinks and I have but two words to share with you. “You’re Welcome.” Until next time.

IMG_6405 IMG_6410

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