Monthly Archives: July 2015

25.7° N, 80.2° W

A decent amount of time has passed since my annual girls trip down to the Miami Beach area, but one has to work through all the stages of after vacation depression before preceding. Beyond that, this is one of those blog posts where I want to be eloquent with my words in case anyone decides […]

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Rooftop Film Club

You may or may not have noticed, but I have every intention of exploring what this city has to offer and I may have just experienced one of my favorite adventures to date. I often stumble across things to do on Social Media and I happened to notice an article on a Rooftop Film Club […]

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A NY Birthday

My entrance into my 32nd year of existence or as I like to re-reference as my 24th year of existence into this world started as no other. It marked my first official birthday in New York City and while I had a sunny and hot version of a celebration planned for the next day, there […]

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