A NY Birthday


My entrance into my 32nd year of existence or as I like to re-reference as my 24th year of existence into this world started as no other. It marked my first official birthday in New York City and while I had a sunny and hot version of a celebration planned for the next day, there was no other way to spend the day, but on a rooftop and with my brother, whom I haven’t spent a birthday with in years.

bro ot

We first attempted to catch the skyline at The Sky Room on 40th in Midtown, but a private party secluded us from the top terrace. Interesting enough, my name was not on the guest list for the party, a mix up in emails I’m sure. So with a cut over a few avenues, it was the Monarch rooftop that would be the host to drinks and birthday leisure.


I  can always count on my brother for a instacrowd so a couple of friends joined us as we “snapchatted” our way through the night and successfully proved our Wednesday was much better than the rest of the world’s. The weather also seemed to cooperate specifically for the holiday, (my birthday if you missed it).


While there isn’t too much I can report besides indulging in over priced drinks, Face Timing with my parents and admiring the champagne (probably considered White to civilians) illuminated tip of the Empire State Building, I will leave on one note. On days like this, beyond the extravagance of it being the day the world was blessed with my presence, I am reminded of the missing piece I couldn’t find before I moved here. I needed a new outlet, a way to be myself beyond the hours of work and some outside factor that encouraged me to go for it all and 11 months ago New York City gave me that present. A little off on timing, but spot on for what I needed. Until next time.

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