25.7° N, 80.2° W


A decent amount of time has passed since my annual girls trip down to the Miami Beach area, but one has to work through all the stages of after vacation depression before preceding. Beyond that, this is one of those blog posts where I want to be eloquent with my words in case anyone decides to run for Senator or even Block Club President at this point.

IMG_8113 IMG_8114

Three years ago it was my “dirty 30,” and a group of my wonderful friends and I decided to run the streets of South Beach for revenge on father time. We have since returned twice and we added in a little more luxury, a drink by the name of “call a cab” and a salt water spray down on a banana boat.

FullSizeRender IMG_7202

The first thing on my list of to dos, was to stay at the new Thompson Hotel of Miami Beach. I was a raving fan of the Toronto location and am determined to do a tour of the properties. The rooms were clean, crisp and modern with a flare for the area and the two pools overflowed with luxury and pina coladas. We chose The Seagrape of the Thompson Hotel for a Thursday evening meal which was to die for. The Thompson was just the first stop and after the full crew arrived we took residence in a condo fit for a group in the mood for fun.

FullSizeRender-10 IMG_8117

This blog post has to include more pictures than words because between pressed cuban sandwiches and scooter rides, there are now videos that I personally hope never appear on a stolen unlocked phone.

IMG_7319 FullSizeRender-5

The best part of the trip was being surrounded with friends that I don’t get to see often, since they are not residents of the great city I call home. They renewed my faith in long distance love and relationships and South Beach, Florida will always be home to memories no Social Media will ever be able to portray. Overflowing Thanks to Danielle, Samantha, Mercedes, Marie and the muscle of the group, Chuck. The Florida sun was very giving and I loved boasting about my tan in the Big Apple, I just hope Fat Tuesdays on Ocean Drive will have me back in the future. #nervouslaugh. Until next time.

FullSizeRender-11 IMG_8119

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