Monthly Archives: August 2015

More Brooklyn, More Art

With the rotation of eye catching and intriguing exhibits at Brooklyn Museum, there is always a reason to go back, and often. This time Gylan and I were on the hunt for black lights and sneakers and was pleasantly surprised at what followed. We started the day with brunch at Soco in Brooklyn. I thought […]

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Central Park

Saturday proved to be the perfect day for a day in the park, but not just any park, Central Park. I had held it off long enough and with a out of town visit from one of my favorite blogger’s and best friends, Beth, it was time to seize the day. I try to make […]

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One Year Later

I have officially survived one year as a NYC resident. I know which trains get me where, what time the tunnels have traffic you could cry over (basically all the time) and where to find the best bagels in all the boroughs. I know which direction the avenues flow and have “go to” Starbucks and […]

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