One Year Later

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I have officially survived one year as a NYC resident. I know which trains get me where, what time the tunnels have traffic you could cry over (basically all the time) and where to find the best bagels in all the boroughs. I know which direction the avenues flow and have “go to” Starbucks and parking locations. I never leave home without my phone charger and can now mentally prepare for hour long train rides. I can call myself a New Yorker and I am anxiously awaiting for a letter from the Mayor of some sort.

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To celebrate the occasion, I found it most appropriate to visit something iconic New York City. The Empire State building greeted me with open arms, sunset views and lines that brought us to elevators, that brought us to other lines, but Gylan, myself and a family friend, Marcus eventually made it to the 86th floor.

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The top was crowded, but breathtaking. We circled around the observation deck and shifted our way to the front taking in views facing Queens, Downtown, Uptown and Jersey. Sharing the moment with my brother made it even better, even if I did lose a $5 bet to him when I challenged him to name a movie where the Empire State Building was featured. He quickly responded with King Kong ( I clearly underestimated his movie knowledge), but I only ended paying out $1 since I charged him $4 for use of my charger.

IMG_8489 IMG_8573

The weekend reached its ultimate high, when I cashed in on birthday concert tickets from my brother to see Miguel, the R&B artist, no R&B God. I was anticipating seeing his performance since I previously saw him in concert and we obviously made a connection, since he came in town for my anniversary weekend. He surfed the crowd, he brilliantly wore fringe and made the crowd promise to be true to themselves.


Gazing at the sunset over a zoo of tall buildings helped remind me that I had always wanted to live in New York, if only for a year. This city forces you to hustle and to always find a way to figure it out. It was beyond fitting that Miguel’s performance would promote finding happiness on your own terms and in the way you want to define it because that is exactly what I am doing in this city. Defining my happy, in my own terms in a city that after a year I call my own and sometimes with a spontaneous New York accent. Until next time.


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