Central Park


Saturday proved to be the perfect day for a day in the park, but not just any park, Central Park. I had held it off long enough and with a out of town visit from one of my favorite blogger’s and best friends, Beth, it was time to seize the day. I try to make it a point to do new things when I have guests in town, so we can have an authentic new experience together. With Beth being a blogger, I had to to live up a to blog-worthy experience.

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The row boats at the Loeb boathouse were a must do. We started at Columbus circle and weaved our way through to the lake for affordable boating. We passed picnics and bikers, sleeping labs and horse carriages and hundreds of runners that I had a paranoid feeling were judging me for walking.

beth FullSizeRender-5

We were surprised to walk right up to place our deposit down and $15 per hour to row our little hearts out. I volunteered to row first and took at least 5 minutes to get acclimated, stopping several times to take in the view, a.k.a. rest. While many of the boat drivers were rowing backwards, I decided to row forward and face my challenges head on. The sun beamed and I directed Beth through posting a video for me on Snapchat. We attempted to switch mid way, but reverted back to our original setup once things were just going in circles. A statement I’m sure I will get a text about from Beth.

FullSizeRender row

One Manhattan down, (my go to drink while actually frolicking in Manhattan) at the Central park Boathouse and we were off to see what else the park had to offer. We watched a street act hustle over $300 from the crowd and stumbled upon a stand with vintage photographs for $7 a snap. This immediately became the highlight of the day since photographs for me are the bee’s knees. Even though I don’t actually know what that means.


 A quick lunch at Benihana and a few train stops down to the Chelsea Market, Beth and I successfully filled up our Saturday. I hope I exuded the confidence of a one year resident in the city and I’m glad Central Park worked at it’s full potential to show my friend a good time. A tote in the chelsea market had a saying with “New York is my Boyfriend” written on it, a relevant quote since my boyfriend acted appropriately for my company this weekend because you just never know when your boyfriend will embarrass you in front of your friends. Until next time.



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