Fall Foliage


I finally understand the Family Guy episode where all the residents are irritated by the New Yorkers coming up to watch the “leaves change color,” but who could resist a day of fresh cider, apple picking and the demon of the day, cider donuts? As you will see I could not, and my brother and I turned an ordinary Sunday into Fall scenery and for him, a perfect opportunity to put in birthday requests.

The options for apple picking outside of the city are plentiful, but Gylan and I decided on Masker Farms, about a hour north of NYC in Warwick, NY. We didn’t exactly have Sunday driving music on, but the Hip Hop music would suffice and we arrived to a orchard of options on the last open weekend of their season.


We deciphered the orchard map and decided the only logical first step would be to acquire a cider donut, which were even better than what I had imagined over the past two weeks. We poured a cup full of cider and enjoyed the Fall treats amongst our city kin. Fall has always been a celebration of sorts for us. My mother’s pumpkin patch adventures and cornstalk decorations have obviously rubbed off on us.


In a perfect daydream, I would pick ripe apples for a Apple Pie, perfectly presented to a crowd of one in my studio apartment. In reality, we sampled our way through apples, Ida Red, Empire and Red Delicious, but didn’t fall (pun intended) in love with a particular ripe variety and reflected on the fact that both of us would be going out of town the following week. I also noted to myself to never wear red lipstick during apple tasting again. Apple 1, Lacey 0.

FullSizeRender(1) FullSizeRender(2)

We captured pictures for Social Media to prove we actually got fresh air and had our car searched for apples before heading out for a mini hike. The car search obviously touching our hearts as a little piece of home, but don’t worry, you are allowed to eat as many apples as you like while on premise.


Wawayanda Lake was about a ten minute drive from donut heaven, I mean the apple orchard, and we just took some time to hear our own thoughts before heading back to a line of cars crossing the George Washington Bridge and vulgar road rage, which seemed to be coming from our very own car.


Work and other obligations always get in the way of doing the things that count as “living life,” including blogging, spending time with my brother and the search for Mrs. Right (A medium classic quilted Chanel flap handbag with Silver hardware.) I can not forget to fit in the moments that count, accompanied by people I adore, with calories I always think will be walked off around the city. Until next time.

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