Warm December


The thing we can most often get caught up in as adults is… life, more specifically work, so I could kick myself for depriving my self of some adventure. The great thing about New York City is that she will have open arms and options as soon as you are ready to jump back in and thanks to a co-worker and a bit of dumb luck, I crossed off some limited time excursions on a unseasonably warm Saturday in December.

In the simplest terms, I found a large kaleidoscope nestled on the corner of 5th and 26th that gleamed different angles of the Flatiron and it’s surrounding glory. The true details are that “Nova” is a winning proposal for a Flatiron Public Plaza Holiday Design competition only featured in December.


The best way to tackle this masterpiece was simply to take pictures at every angle and take a dive into an abstract version of the Flatiron district with of course the background noise of the holiday season.


The intention for the next stop was to head straight for the pop up Museum of Feelings near the Freedom Tower. Lucky for me, a mistake to Battery Park City meant a sunset and carousal ride.


I was familiar with Seaglass, but not completely in tune with the kind of whirlwind ride that was in store for me. The best description I can provide is that if you ever imagined your self as a mermaid, coy fish or deep sea diver, this is your opportunity and driest attempt to live out your fantasy. It was a carousal with fish shaped seats, a twirl of blue hues and music you imagine any sea creature swims to. In less than 5 minutes I experienced the adult version of having a light of sea shapes projected on your ceiling as a child, or at least I believe it to be. I went straight from Care Bears to New Kids on the Block. No room for starfish.

IMG_1374 IMG_1389

We never made a grand entrance to the Museum of Feelings since the line wrapped around the corner and suggested an hour wait. The irony of waiting in that line would have been the wrong type of feelings for a feelings museum, but some fresh ground beef from Bubby’s downtown was a glutinous substitute.


Nothing like some child like activities with bright lights to put things in perspective. I love working hard, but sometimes forget to have a little fun. Luckily I live in a city that has the operating hours of a convenience store. Always open with a variety of sections to tickle anyone’s fancy. Until next time.

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